Who i am?

I am Martynas Jermolajevas, a veterinary doctor who specializes in a natural pet nutrition. I graduated from Lithuanian University Of Health Science and got a Master Of Veterinary Medicine in 2017. For the past six years, i am working specifically with a small pets and pet owners solving health problems through nutrition means.

All of my practice is based on the Raw, Barf, Prey model diets. However, having various and very individual experiences, i developed a clinical individualized nutrition method to help pets deal with problems where the standard Raw, Barf or Prey model diets doesn't work or work partially and cause health concerns. What is a clinical individual nutrition? A nutrition method, approach that is "somewhere between" Raw, Barf and Prey diets, but uses more clinical, systemic approach to the health problems

Clinical individual nutrition helped me to work with very difficult conditions like cancer, diabetes, very aggressive allergies and gastrointestinal problems with very good results. Hence, i would like to offer my expertise with these problems on the global scale!

My personal philosophy of animal nutrition is based on the understanding that the symptoms we see are merely a consequence, result of inappropriately adapted nutrition. This understanding helps and empowers possibilities in nutrition management, as a tool to solve animal health problems. I use medicines only when there are life-threatening situations and the symptoms can't be controlled without them.

Veterinary doctor photoshoot
Veterinary doctor photoshoot